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Healthy Seas X Bracenet

Healthy Seas X Bracenet

Healthy Seas Edition Bracenet, made out of ghost nets.
Bracenet upcycles old fishing nets we collected with help from volunteer divers and fishers and turns them into bracelets and other accessories at their netquarter, in Germany. Each Bracenet is made from a piece of old fishing net.

Help us free the seas and oceans from ghost nets by wearing the new Healthy Seas Edition Bracenet. You can find more handmade products made of old fishing nets on the Bracenet shop:


About the bracelet:

  • Light blue (Ionian Sea) and dark blue (Arctic Ocean).
  • Two-rowed
  • Approx. 2 x 4 mm diameter
  • Made of former fishing net (HDPE)
  • Silver stainless steel magnetic clasp with engraved Healthy Seas logo
  • Stainless steel pendant with dolphin engraving
  • Unique, may vary slightly from the picture
  • Nickel free, waterproof & stainless steel



  • Handmade in Hamburg
  • Environmentally friendly cleaned
  • Upcycling bracelet made from a piece of fishing net and magnetic clasp
  • Color comes from the real net


Join BRACENET and Healthy Seas in spreading the message to protect the seas and free them from the haunting of nets: SAVE THE SEAS, WEAR A NET!

  • How do i get my size?

    • Wrap shoe lace, ribbon or thread around your wrist
    • Measure the length with ruler
    • Choose the right size (c.a. 0,5cm - 1cm bigger than the circumference of the wrist)
    • Finding the suitable size

    Hint: (length is incl. the clasp) Every Bracenet is handmade and the size could differ a few millimeters.

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